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         Industrial gases are manufactured for the use in industry. Nitrogen is important for the survival of living of living organisms. Oxygen used in both industrial and medical uses. Carbon Dioxide produced as a byproduct of many industrial processes. Argon is produced as a byproduct of  Nitrogen and Oxygen production.

We have dealership in 5 types of industrial gases. We are dealing with Nitrogen , Industrial Oxygen, Medical Oxygen , Carbon Dioxide and Argon. You can contact us for the industrial gas cylinders.  We are using these gases for different purposes. Most of these gases are colorless and odorless.

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Major uses of the gases

Uses of Nitrogen

This is a colorless odorless gas. Nitrogen  has a lot of useful applications in our daily life. Nitrogen used for food packaging . It preserve fresh package food from oxidative damage. In pharmaceutical field it plays a major role for the production of antibiotics. It is also used in construction fields. Nitrogen used iin tire filling systems and in many other fields too.

Uses of Industrial Oxygen

Industrial Oxygen mainly used in fabrication process, ceramic process, glass manufacture . Industrial Oxygen using in paper manufacturing field as a bleaching chemical. It is also used in welding and cutting of steels and other metals..

Uses of Medical Oxygen

Oxygen has a major role in our life. It is the air that we breathe. Oxygen widely used in hospitals for curing the patients with severe health conditions. Medical oxygen is entirely different from industrial oxygen in its quality and purity.

Uses of Carbon Dioxide

This is a colourless odorless non-flammable gas. It is used as fire extinguisher. It is used in welding. Carbon Dioxide used in oil wells for oil extraction. It is also using in life jackets. Carbon Dioxide used as a fertilizer in automobiles and medicines.

Uses of Argon

This is a colourless odorless flavorless non- flammable gas. It is used in fluorescent bulbs and in welding.Argon used in the medical field in the treatment of retina for the patients with diabetes.